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Dr. Sunita Advani | Child Counselor | Pune, India


 I am Dr. Sunita Advani, a parenting coach, prenatal coach, and a relationship coach. I am here to help you achieve your parenting goals, either before your child is born, or at any stage of your parenthood journey. Also, strengthening your relationship on this journey just makes it more enjoyable and easier, fulfilling and memorable for all.

Stay on to  learn more about me, services provided, some of my impactful stories, and my counselling philosophies.

Client Testimonials

Straight from the Source

We approached Dr. Sunita Advani a few years ago for counseling for my 3-year-old daughter. Perfection and accuracy seem to be her motto, as the suggestions and advice we received were very effective. She gives a personal touch as well, and we are more than happy with the results.

Ashwini K Pune

During my pregnancy, I have received the best advice from Dr. Advani on how to maintain mental stability and physical health. The sessions with her were extremely engaging and interesting, which motivated me to learn more about pregnancy and caring for myself and my baby.

Dipika N Pune

Dr. Sunita Advani was my school's student-counselor, and I interacted with her for the first time in my 7th standard. Through a few sessions my self-confidence was through the roof, and I saw this similar trend among all students she counseled. Over the years, I have maintained my contact with her, and to this day I have felt the same impact in each session. She has truly changed my life for the better.

Simran M Pune

I had a wonderful experience during my pregnancy sessions with Dr. Sunita Advani. Her expertise in mental, physical, and spiritual well-being is remarkable, and she paid great attention to every detail. Dr. Advani provided me with valuable advice and support throughout my pregnancy, which I found extremely helpful. I would highly recommend Dr. Advani to anyone seeking professional guidance during their pregnancy..

Sayali S Pune


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