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Importance of Connection & Communication during Pregnancy

The word “Connection” implies something “just so beautiful”. The Latin word connectere (“fasten together”) is derived from the roots con- (“together”) +‎ nectere (“bind”).

Pregnancy is a beautiful journey in a couple’s life. “Connection” during this fulfilling journey is extremely significant, it encompasses multiple connections between various entities.

These are a few connections that you must follow

  1. Connect with your pregnancy/ your pregnant state. Perceive and enjoy every bit of this adventurous hormonal ride, which is nothing short of a roller coaster. As an expecting mom be mindful that you are expanding emotionally and physically with this angelic and beautiful growing life inside of you, which is enhancing your glow day by day.

  2. Connect with your baby in the womb. Be aware of your baby’s movements and other routines in this cute little world of his/hers. Notice what the baby likes/dislikes, and what excites them as this two-way communication has already started. So, communicate with your baby, have a dialogue, and sense the baby’s reaction.

  3. Connect to the mother within you. This role in your life eventually brings in a number of beautiful, irreversible changes in you. You become vulnerable more than anything else, all of a sudden, your career, your goals, your priorities everything takes a back seat, waiting for the most beautiful and fulfilling moment of your life.

  4. Connect to your true self as a person. Be mindful of your basic values, your predominant emotional states, your past grudges, and your strengths. What would you like to pass on to your progeny as a legacy; is there something you would like to let go off, if yes, do it right away.

  5. Connection during pregnancy also includes the father’s contribution, as we need to take into consideration an equal involvement of the father too at this stage, considering his role during the entire pregnancy and childbirth. For the young couples out there who would like to know what exactly can he contribute, I would like to suggest some tips such as supporting their wife throughout the pregnancy, with nausea, morning sickness, cravings and aversions, backaches and sleepless nights, mood swings, and irritability.

This unique selfless connection helps you to remain inspired, excited, and courageous till the indescribable moment arrives when you can finally hold the bundle of joy, the product of love in your arms.

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